About The Terry Scholars Fund

The Terry Scholars Fund provides an effective way for donors to support the Terry Scholarship Program.

Your gift will address the rising costs of higher education by helping provide a full-ride scholarship for an outstanding Texas high school graduate to attend a Texas public university.

100% of every donation goes directly to Terry Scholarships.


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“People have asked me over the years why the Terry Foundation is so important to me and why my commitment to the Foundation has always remained steadfast.  In short, the Foundation gave me a chance at a life on a level playing field…Education and knowledge open doors, education and knowledge create the power to shape one’s universe, and to shape the world of others for the better.

The Foundation also taught me that I had value and worth.  Six people sat across the table and picked me, a stranger, via a 30-minute interview. I needed to know that someone thought I was capable, and that I could use the gift of an education to make the world a better place.  The Terry Foundation gave me that in spades.”

– Brian Carroll (UT 1994), donor

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TSF Tips

Ways to Give

From checks to stocks, there are many ways to support TSF. This list provides more information about them.

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Donor Spotlight

Donor Spotlight: Kathryn Flowers

Kathryn Flowers has been a monthly donor to the Terry Foundation since 2020, but her give back journey started much earlier.

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TSF News

Why TSF? Notes from the Board

Why Terry Scholars Fund Board Members serve.

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