Why TSF? Notes from the Board

The Board of the Terry Scholars Fund is comprised of Terry Alumni from different educational and professional backgrounds. Two members of the Terry Foundation’s Board of Directors also serve on this Board to ensure consistency in the execution of the Terry mission and vision. This committed group is tasked with ensuring that the Terry Scholars Fund successfully and responsibly supports the Terry Scholarship Program and the donors who choose to invest in future generations of Terry Scholars.

Full Board Member Bios

Meyling Ly Ortiz (TAMU 1999)
TSF Board Chair

To me, being a Terry means doing what you can with what you have to make your community a better place for all. It is living the legacy of “giving back” and “paying it forward,” because that is what the Terrys did for so many. My “Give Back” to the Foundation shows up as time and energy as a board member and “pay-it-forward” through donations and community work. I choose to give back to the Foundation because it is the Foundation that gave me “My Shot” (Hamilton fan anyone?).

Maddy Kulkarni (UT-Austin 2001)
TSF Board Member

For me, being a Terry means being a part of a community that is bound together by the values of Leadership, Service, and Academics. Once I moved to Dallas, I started signing up to help with our Terry interviews. Each year, I loved the burst of inspiration that came from meeting our college-bound seniors – it never gets old! After being involved in our alumni group in Dallas, attending fall banquets, and serving on the Advisory Board, I’m now part of the team that is establishing the Terry Scholars Fund.

Rhett Campbell
Foundation CEO and Board Chairman
TSF Board Member

The Terry Scholars Fund exclusively supports the mission of the Terry Foundation: developing future leaders of Texas through access to education. The TSF is intentionally “cost free” in the sense that it bears no overhead burden, which rests entirely by the Foundation. The TSF functions as a “pass through” so that giving to the TSF directly supports our educational goals. I am passionate about Howard and Nancy Terry’s vision of educating young people and the TSF is an excellent way for all of us to contribute to this important task.

Yvonne Moody (TAMU 1987)
Foundation President and Executive Director
TSF Board Member

The creation of a new public charity to support the efforts of the Terry Foundation is an exciting opportunity! From the moment Terry Scholars accept the gift of a debt-free education, they are challenged to give back or “pay it forward.” For many years our Scholars and Alumni have given freely of their time and talent to support current students and impact the world around them. With the Terry Scholars Fund we have created an avenue to make it easier for our alumni and friends to invest in future Terry Scholars through financial giving. As the cost of higher education continues to rise, we hope the Terry Scholars Fund will enable us to help even more students in the future.