Camp Terry Co Chairs

Terrys Chosen as Fish Camp Namesakes

The Terry Foundation is honored and excited to announce that Howard and Nancy Terry are namesakes for Fish Camp 2017 at Texas A&M University. The Terrys were nominated by Cheyenne Allgood (TAMU ’13), who serves as the Director of Operations.

About Fish Camp

Fish Camp welcomes the Freshman class to Texas A&M each year by teaching them about the university and giving them a supportive network of peers. Fish Camp is divided into seven sessions, each with seven camps. Each camp is named after someone who has contributed to Texas A&M in a positive way.

A word from the Camp Terry Co-Chairs, Hunter McSpedden ’18 and Chris Serrano ’18:

“We came into this with a servant-hearted mindset and wanted counselors that wanted to do beyond what was expected of them, and genuinely wanted to use this opportunity as a way to serve the Class of 2021. Additionally, we wanted people who were open-minded, and wanted to learn from others, as well as having a high level of respect. The group that we have is truly diverse, coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.”

Camp Terry