About the Terry Scholars Fund

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Terry Scholars Fund is to support the success of the Terry Foundation’s mission: to develop future leaders of Texas through access to education.
The purpose of the Terry Scholars Fund is to provide an effective way for donors to support the Terry Scholarship Program.

Donor Impact

Each gift will address the rising costs of higher education by helping provide a full-ride scholarship for an outstanding Texas high school graduate to attend a Texas public university. The Terry Scholars Fund tagline is, “Investing in Future Generations of Terry Scholars,” because each donation mirrors Mr. Terry’s investment in outstanding students. A donation to the Terry Scholars Fund is the most efficient way to support scholarships, because 100% of every donation goes directly to Terry Scholarships. The Terry Foundation will cover the overhead costs of running the Terry Scholarship Program, so any gifts made to the Terry Scholars Fund can be directed exclusively to students.

Ways to Give Donor Rights

About the Logo

The Terry Scholars Fund logo is round, representing every Terry Scholar’s pledge to give back to the Foundation by “circling back” and supporting the community and endowment for future generations of Terry Scholars.

The white ring inside the blue circle symbolizes the ripple effect and impact that can extend outward when a student has access to education. Help a student; impact a family.

The Terry Scholars Fund logo is meant to tie closely with the the Terry Foundation’s brand identity. Therefore, the primary color palette and font are the same, and the Foundation’s “State & Star” graphic visually links the two entities.