Terry in Action- Bryton Praslicka

Bryton Praslicka (TAMU 2015) is the director, manager, and engineer on a project to bring 10 Smart Bus Stops to Texas A&M’s College Station campus.

Why did you choose this project?

I wanted to make a difference on my campus, and I want to start my own company that brings solar technology to provide energy to empower communities abroad to start sustainable businesses.

What exactly are Smart Bus Stops? What was your inspiration?

The Smart Bus Stops are modular solar-powered stations that attach to any existing public light fixture. They deliver more accurate information pertaining to your bus’s schedule and capacity. The Smart Bus Stops also act as a convenient and free charging station for your mobile devices. The inspiration was a former student’s idea to create a solar-powered phone charging station at street corners. The idea combines the infrastructure of a newer smart city with the charging stations we enjoy in most airports today.

How will they improve the lives of students on campus?

They will empower students to make the best-informed decision considering their transportation options while also giving access to free micro-USB and Apple lightning charging across campus.

Bryton fixing electronics housing

Did you have any mentors along the way?

Rodney Boehm (Texas A&M’s Director of Engineering Entrepreneurship) directly helped me shape the idea, but fellow 2015 TAMU Terry Scholars like George Michael Swift and Cat Whitten, who constantly challenge themselves to be their best while still taking the time to check in and ask about me and my family, personally challenged me to be my best always too.

Do you have a long term vision or goal for the Smart Bus Stops?

We will see 10 across the TAMU campus by Christmas 2019, as I have acquired the funding from the Aggie Green Fund already. Beyond that, I hope to commercialize and patent the technology and see if we can’t make a general product that would interest campuses and cities around the world. Later this year after the first installation, I plan to launch a product website.

Smart Bus Stop charging a calculator