The Terry Alumni Advisory Board

by Yvonne Moody, Foundation President and Executive Director

One of the main selection criteria for the Terry scholarship is leadership, so it’s no surprise that we have an amazing group of alumni with a tremendous amount of leadership potential. Knowing that there were a number of willing, dedicated leaders just waiting for an opportunity to serve, the Foundation Board of Directors instituted an alumni Advisory Board in 2009. The original group of 30 individuals was selected with the purpose of assisting the Board of Directors in representing the Foundation at events throughout the year and providing an avenue for the Foundation to solicit input and feedback as the organization began to plan for strategic growth. At the time, the entire alumni base consisted of graduates from only UT Austin and Texas A&M.

In 2013, the Foundation was experiencing tremendous growth after the passing of our founders, and there was a recognition of the need to expand the Advisory Board to include membership from additional universities who by then had graduates. The Advisory Board membership roster was then expanded to a total of 50 members. Scholar alumni from UTSA, Texas State, UTD, and UNT have since been added to the roster.

Current Advisory Board members serve a term of 3 years, with approximately one third of the membership rotating off each year. The Advisory Board convenes annually once a year in conjunction with the fall alumni luncheon, rotating to locations around the state. Two other virtual meetings are scheduled in the spring and summer, with ad hoc committees serving throughout the year to address special needs and concerns of the Alumni Association.

Membership on the Advisory Board is by invitation from the Board of Directors, and is extended to individuals who have shown dedication to the Foundation through their participation on interview panels and attendance at Foundation events throughout the year. Membership also requires a commitment to serve on at least one interview panel annually, and serve as a panel chair as requested. Advisory Board members are also asked to attend Foundation events such as fall banquets and the spring picnic, to assist with networking and mentoring of our current Scholars.

We look forward to seeing future generations of leaders become members of the Advisory Board as they fulfill their leadership potential and honor their pledge to give back to the Foundation.