Terry Assistance Program

Whether you’re planning to continue your education in professional school or pursue your career immediately upon graduation, we hope you will take advantage of The Terry Assistance Program (TAP).  The TAP List is comprised of Alumni who have consented to give back to the Foundation by lending their personal advice regarding graduate school and/ or career.

The TAP List is a great tool for Terrys at any stage of their educational or professional journeys, and it strengthens our Terry Family by facilitating relationships across schools and Scholar classes. Your primary goals should be

  • to make a professional introduction;
  • to gather advice.

Remember- every person on the TAP List has willingly (and in most cases, enthusiastically) joined because they want to be contacted by fellow Terrys. You don’t need to feel nervous about reaching out; each of your potential contacts was once in a similar situation. Be professional and respectful, and you may be rewarded with a lasting connection within the Terry community and within your profession.

You can access the TAP List and additional instructions in the Terry Portal.
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Tips for Using the TAP List