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Terry in Action- Tiffany Rodriguez

Tiffany Rodriguez (TXST 2014) organized a school supply drive for the Pre-K Department at a local school. Texas State Terry Scholars brought their donations to the 2016 Fall Orientation.

TF: Why did you choose to get involved?
TR: I heard that the Pre-K Department at Science Hall Elementary (15 minutes away from TXST) was in dire need of help with a budget/school supplies, so I decided to coordinate the supply drive at Terry Orientation since we would have a great turn out. I choose to get involved because education is the most powerful tool we have in this world. Generally students who qualify for PREK are already at high risk with low financial support. We know how motivating it is to get school supplies at the start of each year so we wanted the children to feel special and worthy of new special things that will help fuel their learning.

TF: How has this experience impacted you?
TR: The teachers were beyond happy. The children “oooo’d” and “ahhh’d” when they saw me walk in with the supplies. They thought Santa had come, haha! Being able to donate to children in need makes us so happy. We most likely have all been in a lot of these children’s footsteps, and thanks to the Terry, we are making ourselves successful through education. We want these students to know that even at a young age education is fun and it can change your life for the better.

TF: If you could give advice to other Terry Scholars who want to get involved, what would you tell them?
TR:Donate and volunteer whenever you can! Not only is it a rewarding feeling but it will impact someone else in a positive way.

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