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Terry in Action- Lance Koenig

Terry School and Year
UT- San Antonio, 2015

Name of Cause/ Project
VMC’s Community Outreach Program


What was your role?
Project Manager of VMC’s Community Outreach Program. I orchestrated events to ensure maximum participation for our leadership team and our advisors. With this program it made it so that all my employees have a sense of purpose and meaning in what they do. This is an important aspect in all careers. My team is pictured below.

Why did you choose to get involved?
You see so much negative in the world, and I wanted to make a difference, no matter how small it may have been. I have struggled throughout my entire life and there was always someone there to help. I want to do the same for others.
We have had multiple events since the creation of the program at the following non-profit organizations.

  • Habitat for Humanity: We helped build a house for someone in need and his family.
  • San Antonio Food Bank: We participated in multiple projects such as food sorting and one of my favorites, the Summer feeding program. During the summer there are multiple Children who go without lunch while they are not in school. During this event we made lunches for these children and fed over 2000 kids with the lunches we made over the multiple service experiences we had there.

How has this experience impacted you?
It was truly inspiring to see so many people step up to help out those in need. We have had 15-30 volunteers each event, and we want this to continue to grow. As this project continues the growth will make it so we can help more and more people. Currently we are building backpacks for the homeless in San Antonio.

What advice would you give to others who want to get involved with a similar initiative?
Be proactive. There are so many organizations that need your help. Whether it adopt a beach in Corpus, or the person you see every day on your way to school asking for some help, there is always a way you can give back. Show these people in need that, while there is so much negative in the world, humanity still cares.


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