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Terry in Action- Landon Cowan

Landon Cowan (UNT 2013) presented his research at the McNair Research Luncheon, which was also attended by the university president and other administrators. Landon is majoring in Applied Behavior Analysis.

TF: Tell us about your research.

LC: My research (conducted in Florida over the summer) was about the use of a reinforcer assessment called a Progressive Ratio Assessment. This is often used to determine a specific item’a strength as a reinforcer that can be used for work/tasks. I love the field of applied behavior analysis and wanted to get involved in as many types of research as possible. Getting to go to Florida was a great way to do that! I learned a lot about the specific assessment that we were investigating, and got to explore some of the issues that clinicians and researchers have had with it when using it with children with autism. Conner Kennedy, a fellow Terry, also presented his research at the Luncheon.

TF: How has this experience impacted you?
LC: I am forever in debt to my UNT mentor, Dr. Karen Toussaint, and my host for the summer, Dr. Alison Betz for their willingness to help me grow as a researcher. I now feel more ready than ever to begin graduate school!

TF: If you could give advice to other Terry Scholars who want to get involved, what would you tell them?
LC: Be willing to get uncomfortable. It was crazy moving to Florida for 2 months, but all of the experiences that I had were priceless.

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