The Terry Foundation

Staff Directory

Yvonne R. Moody

President & Executive Director

Jodie F. Köszegi

Scholarship Program Director

Blair A. Abernathy

Director of Finance and Administration

Amber Masso

Amber D. Masso

Director of Communications and Alumni Engagement

Holly N. VanHouten

Scholar Relations Coordinator / UTD | TX Tech | UH

Christen L. Barron

Scholar Relations Coordinator / TAMU | TAMUG | UTEP

Javier Carmona Jr.

Scholar Relations Coordinator / UT | TX State | SHSU

Franco S. Martinez

Scholar Relations Coordinator / UTSA | UNT | TWU | UTA

Brandy N. Skillern

Database Analyst

Jamie S. Thyssen

IT Coordinator and Program Analyst

Becky J. Adams

Administrative Specialist

Laura L. Sanders

Office Manager

Robert L. Parker

Accounting Consultant