The Terry Foundation

Staff Directory

Yvonne R. Moody

President & Executive Director

Jodie F. Köszegi

Scholarship Program Director

Robert L. Parker

VP of Administration

Blair A. Abernathy

Director of Finance & Asst. Vice President – Administration

Amber Masso

Amber D. Masso

Director of Communications and Alumni Engagement

Holly N. VanHouten

Scholar Relations Coordinator / UTD | TX Tech | UH

Christen L. Barron

Scholar Relations Coordinator / TAMU | TAMUG | UTEP

Javier Carmona Jr.

Scholar Relations Coordinator / UT | TX State | SHSU

Franco S. Martinez

Scholar Relations Coordinator / UTSA | UNT | TWU | UTA

Brandy N. Skillern

Database Analyst

Jamie S. Thyssen

IT Coordinator and Program Analyst

Becky J. Adams

Administrative Specialist

Laura L. Sanders

Office Manager

Nancy L. Miller

Administrative Assistant