Terry in Action- Kendra Mack

Kendra Mack (TAMU 2013) worked with a team of other students to create a vector control application geared toward prevention of the spread of the Zika virus. She and her team presented the application at the CDC in Atlanta, GA.

TF: Why did you choose to get involved?
KM: I chose to get involved with “Innovations Against Zika” because I’m very passionate about medicine and I think that everyone needs to be involved in community health.

TF: What was the result of your visit to the CDC?
KM: We got an overwhelming amount of support at the CDC and will be continuing to finalize our application in order to get it piloted in an area being affected by Zika!

TF: How has this experience impacted you?
KM: This experience helped to show me what I’m capable in a short amount of time. I learned a lot about what I’m passionate about and it reminded me that I can make world changes from right where I am.

TF: If you could give advice to other Terry Scholars who want to get involved, what would you tell them?
KM: Get involved by learning more about the Zika virus and finding out ways you can prevent the spread of the disease in your area!

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