Terry in Action – Kaylie Hartman

Kaylie Hartman (UTD 2014) was selected as 1 of 28 students in the U.S. (and the only student in Texas) to join the It’s On Us Student Advisory Committee. “Its on Us” is an initiative started by President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden to encourage students to stand up together against sexual assault on college campuses. It’s On Us asks students to take the lead on their campuses and mobilize their peers to create cultural and systemic changes.

TF: Why did you choose to get involved?
KH: I first heard about the movement from my work as a Peer Health Educator in the Universities Student Wellness Center. In my role there I spent a lot of time educating students on various aspects of physical and emotional well-being, that included sexual assault education. We hosted a big Its On Us event at our campus and in the Spring of 2016 Its On Us invited me to apply for the upcoming Student Advisory Committee.

TF: How has this experience impacted you?
KH: I am very excited to see what the upcoming year brings! It will be challenging and I know I will be very busy, but I am doing work that I love, and work that will make a positive impact on current and future generations. I am proud to be bringing change to an issue that has been so ingrained into our society and impacts so many people, of all walks of life.

TF: If you could give advice to other Terry Scholars who want to get involved, what would you tell them?
KH: Give it a shot! I applied for the Student Advisory Committee not knowing what would come of it. I had no idea I would be accepted into a committee with so many great student leaders from all around the country. At the beginning I questioned even applying but when I received a call for a follow up interview I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Looking back I am so so glad that I took the chance, remind yourself that you are an awesome student and you can make a difference! Believe in yourself and your abilities, have confidence that you have what it takes, and give it a shot!

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