Introducing the Terry Scholars Fund

The Terry Foundation is pleased to introduce The Terry Scholars Fund, a new public charity created to support the success of the Terry Foundation’s mission: to develop future leaders of Texas through access to education.

The purpose of the Terry Scholars Fund is to provide an effective way for donors to support the Terry Scholarship Program. 100% of every donation will go directly to Terry Scholarships.

We will provide more information about supporting the Terry Scholars Fund later in February. In the meantime, please see below to learn more about this exciting way to help carry the Terrys’ vision into the future.

Some FAQs

The Terry Scholars Fund was established to provide the most effective and impactful option for Terry Scholars who choose financial donations as a way to honor their give back pledge. The Terry Scholars Fund has intentionally been created as a public charity so donors can receive maximum benefits for their contributions while also enjoying a wider range of donation options, like corporate matching programs, donor advised funds, estate planning, etc. These benefits were previously limited by the Terry Foundation’s IRS status as a private foundation.

Like all entities, the Terry endowment is impacted by volatility in the financial markets, but rest assured, the endowment is strong.
The Terry Scholars Fund’s purpose is to help Alumni and philanthropists who want to advance the mission of the scholarship program do so in a way that maximizes impact as well as donor options.

Every dollar donated brings us a step closer to impacting another student. If you have a passion for investing in education, the TSF can help you invest in students the way Howard and Nancy Terry did for you – through an established program that also offers a supportive lifelong community.

100% of donations to the Terry Scholars Fund go to Terry Scholarships.
Your donation to the Terry Scholars Fund will be used exclusively for scholarships that cover up to the full cost of attendance, not just student tuition, room, and board fees. The Terry Foundation endowment will continue to fund overhead (staff, etc.), Scholar engagement activities, and wrap-around services for the Scholars (on-campus organizations, mental health resource, etc.)

The Foundation will activate the Terry Scholars Fund online donation page on March 22nd for Terry Give Back Day. Existing recurring donors to the Terry Foundation will also have the ability to move their donations to the TSF at that time.
If you have questions about donation options, please contact Amber Masso at or at (713) 552-0814.

The Terry Foundation is a type of private foundation, as defined by the IRS, and there are greater limitations on donations to the Foundation as compared to those made to the Terry Scholars Fund, which is a public charity. Major differences include:

1) The maximum tax-deductible donation amount is higher for public charities versus private foundations.
2) Donors cannot give to private foundations via many corporate or workplace matching programs.
3) Donors cannot give to private foundations via donor-advised funds.

The disclosure requirements are also different. Donors to a public charity can opt to remain completely anonymous in the organization’s reporting. However, those who donate over $5,000 to a private foundation will be disclosed on the organization’s tax returns (including name and mailing address).

Additional Questions and Comments

Please direct all questions and comments to Amber Masso at or at (713) 552-0814.

About the Logo

The Terry Scholars Fund logo is round, representing every Terry Scholar’s pledge to give back to the Foundation by “circling back” and supporting the Terry Community and endowment for future generations of Terry Scholars. The white ring inside the blue circle symbolizes the ripple effect and impact that can extend outward when a student has access to education.