COVID-19 and Terry Interviews

The Terry Foundation is taking the spread of COVID-19 very seriously. To do our part in support of social distancing, we are hosting our annual interview process for the Terry Traditional Scholarship 100% virtually. Foundation staff and university partners have mobilized over the last few weeks in order to create a virtual panel infrastructure, which will allow a positive experience for our 476 candidates and 100 Terry panelists alike. We have a system in place to ensure that our selection of 2020 Traditional Terry Scholars takes place in the originally-scheduled time frame.

Throughout the Terry Foundation’s 33-year history, an in-person interview with Terry Board Members, Alumni, and currently Scholars has always been the cornerstone of our selection process, which evaluates academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, and financial need. We extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to our Terry panelists, university partners, Board, and staff for working to ensure that these promising students are able to have their interviews on schedule.

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