The Terry Foundation

Terry Foundation Board of Directors

When Mr. and Mrs. Terry created the trust that ultimately became the Foundation, they asked long-time friends and associates to sit on the Board of Trustees. When the trust was restructured in 1996 to create a corporate foundation, those same board members became the original Terry Foundation Board of Directors.

At the time of the restructuring, the Foundation’s Charter was changed to provide that Terry Alumni would have preference when future Board members are added. Ultimately, Mr. Terry intended for the Board of Directors to be comprised exclusively of Alumni. The Foundation will continue to add Alumni as original members leave the Board.

Rhett Campbell

Chief Executive Officer
Board Chairman

Ed Cotham

Chief Investment Officer

Yvonne Moody

Yvonne Moody

TAMU, 1987
Foundation President
Executive Director

John Storms

Board Member

Carter Overton

Board Member

J.D. Davis

UT- Austin, 1989
Alumni Board Member

Gayle Stinson

UT-Austin, 1987
Alumni Board Member

Jeff Stichler

TAMU, 1990
Alumni Board Member

Brian Yarbrough

UT-Austin, 1988
Alumni Board Member

Elizabeth Riley Keeler

TAMU, 1992
Alumni Board Member

Coach Darrell K. Royal

Director Emeritus