Alumni Spotlight- Sunny Sandhu

Since graduating, Sunny (UT 2012) has accepted a position with Teach for America, starting fall of 2017. Teach for America places staff in low-income classrooms in almost every subject and area imaginable. Sunny has been selected to teach pre-calculus and statistics in Spring Branch ISD. Although math may be intimidating to some, he is up for the challenge to open his students’ minds to a subject that may feel like a “different language.” His main objective is to ensure that any student that enters his classroom is equipped with the resources they need to enter college or a technical program.

Teach for America places their teachers all over the country- from New York to Arizona, but Sunny chose to stick to his roots and serve the greater Houston area. It’s where Mr. Howard Terry resided and conducted business, and it’s where Sunny’s family lives. This opportunity is his way of answering the “give back” question during his Terry interview prior to starting college.

Teaching is not only for the classroom, though. Sunny’s ultimate goal is to become a physician in the Texas Medical Center and to specialize in either immunology or neurology. Patient education is critical when practicing medicine. Just like math, medical terminology can be confusing to someone unfamiliar with the human body or a certain disease. His time spent teaching will fill his toolbox with innovative and useful ways to connect with his students and his future patients.

If you are interested in joining Teach for America, please visit their website to learn more about the process.