The Terry Foundation

Advisory Board

The Terry Scholar Alumni Advisory Board (TSAAB) is comprised of Terry Scholar Alumni who have distinguished themselves in their service to the Foundation and to their fellow Terry Scholars. These individuals represent the Foundation at Terry functions, such as banquets and picnics, and participate in discussions about strengthening and supporting the Terry Community.

Members of the Terry Scholar Alumni Advisory Board serve three year terms, with members rotating on and off in January each year. The Advisory Board meets three times (in person or virtually) each year, with opportunities for committee activities in between.

The Foundation recognizes that it is important to have an Advisory Board that reflects the diversity of the scholars it represents, including university attended, gender, ethnicity, age, and career path as well as life experiences. Each of these aspects ensures a wide range of perspectives and skills to provide better advice, drive innovative and creative solutions, and enhance decision making in the best interest of the Terry Scholar Community. 

Alumni who have been out of the Terry Scholarship program for

  • at least two years (Transfer Scholars)
  • OR at least three years (Traditional Scholars)

can apply to join the TSAAB by completing the online application form.

Please read the Advisory Board Terms of Commitment for more information.

2019 – 2020 TSAAB Members

Terry Advisory Board May Meeting

  • Sara Bhamani (UT, 2011)
  • Pranav Desai (UT, 2008)
  • Adi Mendino Estrada (UH, 2009)
  • Kathryn Flowers (UT, 2007)
  • Nicole White Griffith (UTSA, 2006)
  • Chris Hertzberg (UT, 1992)
  • D’Ann Holubec (TTU, 2013)
  • Theresa Hunter Jones (UNT, 2010)
  • Ciara Knight (TXST, 2012)
  • Jennifer Cox Kratky (UT, 2000)
  • Milly Sordo Lackey (TAMU, 2005)


Advisory Board 9-12 meeting

  • Kim Le (UH, 2010)
  • Sara Lloyd (TAMU, 1994)
  • Kathryn Ellis Luevano (TXST, 2004)
  • Charles Luu (UT, 1996)
  • Gracie Martinez (UH, 2014)
  • Matthew McCutchen (TTU, 2014)
  • Dr. April Michaud-Willis (UT, 2005)
  • Mallory Miner (UNT, 2010)
  • Glenda Molina (TXST, 2005)
  • Leslie Gerik Nelson (UT 2001)

Terry Advisory Board February 2019

  • Corey Nieman (UT, 2007)
  • Joshua O’Mullan (UTSA, 2011)
  • Meyling Ly Ortiz (TAMU, 1999)
  • Denise Burell Richter (TXST, 2006)
  • Michael Shasteen (TAMU, 1997)
  • Hannah Shoemaker (UT, 2007)
  • Blane Skiles (UNT, 2012)
  • Michele Snider (TAMU, 2013)
  • Cory Whitaker (TAMU, 1997)
  • Adam Williams (TAMU, 2000)
  • Holly Wissmann (UT 1999)

Dallas Advisory Board Meeting 2018